Privacy Policy


LobFile itself and those with specifically granted administrative access to LobFile will never cooperatively sell or intentionally give away any user data unless listed below or required by federal or state law authority.

Data Collection & Storage

  • Some data is collected & stored by for error tracking.
  • User provided identifying information (E-Mail address, hashed & salted password, timezone, etc.).
  • Device/Client information (operating system, user agent, versions, etc).
  • Users (with an account) most recent visit time on LobFile.
  • All uploaded file contents & metadata!
  • Public IP addresses (IPv4 and/or IPv6).
  • Account preferences!
  • Usage data.

  • Data retention

  • Account data is deleted from LobFile service(s) and applicable logs upon the deletion/termination of your account at the time of deletion/termination, with the following exception: the file(s) on your account will be purged from all of LobFile's storage medium(s) within 7 days of account deletion and will not be available to download by anyone.
  • File(s) are stored on disk and/or in cloud backup(s) for a maximum of one year after they are deleted or marked for deletion (unless your account is terminated by yourself or otherwise, see above).
  • File(s) not deleted by you or your account setting(s) are kept indefinitely as long as your account remains active.

  • Last revised: February 5th, 2022