About LobFile

What is LobFile?

LobFile is a purpose built file sharing and hosting website. You can make your own tool to upload and share files, or you can use a feature rich one like ShareX. This service was known as "Lithiio" for about 6 years, but was renamed to "LobFile" in December 2021.

Here's an overview of what LobFile can do for you:

It was initially a private tool I intended to let select friends who were interested in it use. I quickly realized people were searching for a reliable and convenient platform they could use to host and share files with their peers directly (and sometimes even indirectly, on their personal websites or random forums around on the internet). This led me to opening registration to the public (sometime in early July of 2016). This introduced a lot of fun technical challenges that just further drove my excitement and ultimately pushed my development skills to the next level. Since the beginning I have worked on LobFile during my free time. Adding, fixing, and revising the tools and features that makes this service what it is today. Working on LobFile is one of my favorite hobbies to this day.

Why LobFile?

There are several reasons why I originally created this service:

Other things to note.

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